What It Is To Be a Trainer


I read four hours a night, as a young man, trying to find out what it was to be a horse trainer. I didnít find my answers in a book, but I did find the answer in my heart. To be a trainer you have to love horses more than you love yourself. For a certain part of the day you have to become a horse in mind and action. You learn to speak to them and love them in their own way. You give to them your leadership, support and love and you ask them to give you an explosion of controlled animated energy that gives them status, praise and pride. These are my friends and they help me to create art. Below is a gallery of these fine horses that taught me to be a trainer.


Swimming With Knight
Diego On Parole - Indiana Celebration 2011
Banner's Dixie Belle - Ohio Classic - 2011

Duke Pride of Genius
 National Grand Champion

Scott's first Blue Ribbon at age 9 on Spur's Easter Melody

Scot at 15 riding Greek's Merry Dancer winning the California Celebration

Scot's first World Champion
The Supreme Reward

Waiting to start with mom before my first Rose Parade

Scot's first Rose Parade

Scot and Black Beard at Essen Germany in Equitana with no tack

Scot and Delight's Dodger in the Rose Parade

Greek's Merry Dancer and Scot before the Rose Parade

Generator's Fire Dancer on exhibition at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair

Dream of Fashion who was sold in June of 1990 and won two World Championships that summer with her new owners.

Hulleva Parade
A two time reserve World Champion

Pride's Black Beard, Scot's second World Champion 1996
Our Star Spangled Banner who won two International Championships and two National Grand Championships

Pride's Black Beard in parade dress used at Equitana and other promotional events

Banner and Scot at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair in Toronto Canada

Sundrops Miss Cash
An International Grand Champion 1999

Duke Pride
of Genius
Lead Line - Little Green Martian up
 Scot MacGregor handler, Gulf Coast Charity Show

Reveal The Beam or "Roy", the first horse Scot ever owned and two time Reserve National Champion

Roy and Scot out in nature where we like it best.

Riding with leg pressure during a no tack demonstration at a clinic in Germany

Lavade during a clinic in southern Germany

Standing on the back of a horse with no tack, during another clinic in Germany, on a horse that I never rode before that weekend.

Shoulder Stand on Get "N" Grander

Scot on Shetan started riding at 5

Our Star Spangled Banner

What A Flirt

Allen - first dressage class

Some guys do win with a pretty smile

Allen 's


Scotís Achievements

  • Won an Equitation Medal at eleven.
  • Won the California Celebration 3-gait Championship as a youth at 15, against my mother who was riding a three year undefeated horse.
  • Rode in seven Rose Parades
  • Rode in four Hollywood Christmas Parades
  • Exhibited Walking Horses in the 1984 Olympics
  • Exhibited Walking Horses at the 1993 Super Bowl Party.
  • Exhibited Prides Black Beard at Equitana 1997 in Essen Germany
  • Rode exhibition in Equitana USA four times including The Main Event.
  • Rode exhibition in the Canadian Winter Festival five times.
  • Won two World Championships
  • Won three International Grand Championships plus many other wins.
  • Taught at riding clinics in Canada, Holland, Germany and all over the USA.
  • Helped, at Nationals, to win 40 times in three years 13 being Championships.
  • Won two National three gait open Grand Championships in one year, 2003
  • Helped to win 35 first and second place ties at the Nationals in one year, 2003
  • Won, as a barn, over 200 times in one year with 18 different horses, 2003
  • Won 8 National Grand Championships plus 20 more wins at the 2005 Nationals
  • Won 41 high point awards in three different organizations in 2005
  • Won, as a barn, 335 Blue Ribbons in 2005 with 20 different horses
  • By 2007 MacGregor Stables has won 106 times at The Nationals
  • In 5 years MacGregor Stables won over 1000 times (2003 - 2007)
  • By 2009 MacGregor Stables has won 144 times at The Nationals
  • Exhibited Tennessee Walking Horses at the 2010 World Equestrian Games