Chantilly 3 gait Cal State Champion. Saddlebred

Desperado Del Mar Show Pleasure Grand Champion

Chantilly at the Santa Barbara Horse Show

Desperado undefeated for 6 years in California first in show pleasure and then in plantation

Chantilly Driving

Generator's Sonata 1991 Lite Shod World Grand Champion

Chanel Label Reserve National Champion

Generators Sonata at 21yrs old

Sonata side saddle

Sonata winning lite shod at the Western States Celebration

Sonata lite shod at the International

Sonata 4 time World Champion Model Mare

Sonata World Grand Champion Lite Shod

Sonata winning the International

Sonata's first Celebration win

Sonata's Gypsy Rose Model Mare National Champion

Shetan Driving

Shetan on the 100 mile Tevis Cup Ride

Shetan 1972

Shetan 1969

Marilynne on Pride's Black Beard winning a World Championship

Pride's Black Beard 1996 2yr Old Lite Shod World Champion

Marilynne in her first Rose Parade

Marilynne in a parade class on a Saddlebred

Chanel Label Western

Greek's Merry Dancer A to Z Plantation Grand Champion

Waiting to start Rose Parade

Spur's Easter Melody first Walking Horse

Sarah, Marilynne and Silhouette

Banner Year For Champagne



When I was old enough to recognize a horse or say horse is when my life with horses began.  Whenever I saw a horse or saw pictures of horses in books, my parents realized that horses were a part of my life.  Besides the usual pony rides, my first encounter with horses was when I discovered just two blocks from home, was a field with an old draft horse, I later found out was named "Dolly".  My best friend and I would get carrots from our refrigerator and take them to the pasture and entice Dolly to come over to the fence to get the tasty treat.  We would then, one at a time, jump on Dolly's back and grab her mane and let her take us wandering around her pasture.  Sometimes we could get her to gently lope around and sometimes we would fall off, only to have to go back to the fence and entice her to let us climb aboard again.

Later I rode rent horses near the Santa Anita race track in Arcadia, Ca.  I grew up in Pasadena, Ca. where there was only one stable.  It was mostly a boarding barn, but there were some horses that were used as lesson horses.  I took lessons for years.

Before I got married, I told my fiancÚ that someday I wanted a horse.  Little did he know just exactly what that meant.  I was 25 when I got my first horse.  I was the proud owner of a 5 year old Arabian.  He had a lot of spirit that sometimes lead him to run away with me.  I found a European dressage trainer that worked with me, and my horse Shetan for 7 years.  I also found that I really had an outstanding endurance horse, competitive trail horse, parade horse, and pet.  He was a North American Trail Ride Conference National Champion.  In 1974 I rode in and completed the 100 mile, one day Western States Trail Ride, better known as the Tevis Cup Ride.  That was one of my best accomplishments.

 In 1973 I bought a 10 year old TWH mare for my son, Scot's, 9th birthday present.  Scot took riding lessons from my trainer Bobby Clark, in Corona, Ca.  Corona was about 60 miles from home, and I went there 4 times a week and Scot had one lesson a week.  This mare ended up a high point champion plantation horse in two different organizations - TWHEA of Ca. and PCWHA of Ca.  Scot was a beautiful equitation rider and I learned alot also from Bobby over the years.  She helped teach me to train walking horses.

 In 1975 I bought an American Saddlebred mare that I showed for years, both driving and under saddle.  She was the California  State 3 gaited pleasure champion one year.  She was also one of my favorite trail horses.  She lived to be 29 and rode in the hills until she was 28.

 I became very active in several TWH organizations in Ca.  I also became a judge with the commission, IPWHA, FOSH, NWHA, and United Mountain Horse.  I have been a judge for over 30 years.

 Over the years I have had several outstanding walking horses.  Greek's Merry Dancer, Dancer's Perfection, Coin's Flash Dancer, Coin's Calypso Dance, and Desperado were some of my earlier champions.  Desperado was undefeated for 6 years.  I then purchased Generator's Sonata as a two year old.  I did most of my riding in the mountains above La Canada Flintridge, Ca. and Pasadena, Ca.  I rode around the Rose Bowl several times a week.  Sonata was undefeated for many years in Ca.  She won the 1990 Liteshod Plantation World Grand Championship.  And in 4 years won 12 World Championships  and one Reserve World Grand Championship. Her son, Our Star Spangled Banner has won several International Horse Show  Championships in halter and in performance.  He has also won many halter and performance Grand Championships at the NWHA Nationals.  Her daughter, Sonata's Gypsy Rose has also won halter and performance championships at the NWHA Nationals.


Some of my greatest accomplishments have been:

  1. Rode in the Rose Parade 13 times

 2. Rode in the Hollywood Christmas Parade 2 times

 3. Rode in the 1984 Olympics in an exhibition of TWH's

 4. Completed the 100 mile one day Western States Trail Ride ( Tevis Cup)

 5. North American Trail Ride Conference National Champion

 6. Exhibited at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 4 times

 7. Exhibited Sidesaddle at Equitana in Germany

 8. Exhibited Sidesaddle at Equitana in Louisville, Kentucky

 9. Gave clinics in Germany and The Netherlands on two occasions

10. Gave clinics and judged horse shows in Alberta and Toronto, Canada

11. Gave clinics all over the USA

12. Won the 1990 Liteshod Plantation World Grand Championship

13. Won 16 World Championships at the National Celebration

14. Won 10 International Grand Championships

15. Won 22 International Championships

16. Won 4 Grand Championships at the NWHA Nationals

17. Won 5 Championships at the NWHA Nationals

18. Trained multiple High Point Champions in the WHOA Versatility Program

19. Trained multiple High Point Champions in PWHAT

20. Trained the National High Point Liteshod 4 years and under Grand Champion


Other accomplishments that I have been proud of are actually the winning offspring of my stallion, Our Star Spangled Banner

  1. Produced a World Grand Champion Weanling at the National Celebration

 2. Produced a World Champion Mare and Foal at the National Celebration

 3. Produced 2 International Grand Champion Weanlings.

 4. Produced 2 International Mare and Foal Champions

 5. Produced the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place National High Point Champions in the

     Liteshod 4 and under division in 2005

 6. Produced the Champion Reining horse at the NWHA Nationals

 7. Produced several performance champions at the NWHA Nationals