Lynn MacGregor

I have ridden several breeds of horses but Tennessee Walking Horses are my passion.  Their smooth gait and great disposition is very enticing. 

I began training colts in 1996 and they are my first love.  The thought of molding and shaping the mind of young halter horses and then seeing them move on to good steady minded riding horses is a great joy. 

As of 2001 I train full time with my husband.  Now, everyone asked us, “How do you work with your spouse all day long?” GOOD QUESTION 

We train together but we rarely see each other except for lunch.  We have approximately 24 horses in training;  I work half and he works half.  Our philosophy on training is to work as a team.  We switch the horses every 2-3 rides so that we are aware of what each horse is doing.  I work on certain functions such as, round pen (ground training), ground driving, flexibility, long walking for stride and animation, cantering and halter for showing.  He may work on faster work for stretching, animation and cantering.  He starts all the colts under saddle after I teach them ground training. Like I stated TEAMWORK is a must.


Lynn age 9

Sarah, Lynn and Dolly

Hotline Delight 1994 Lafayette IN Lite Shod Amateur Champion

Hallelujah's Angel Image 1995 International Model Mare Grand Champion

Thunder Country and Lynn winning the 3 gait park championship at the 2006 Nationals

Hey Darling
1st Blue Ribbon as a professional rider @ Tarheel Classic 1997

Heritage Invasion and Lynn winning an International Championship 1999

Reveal The Beam Model Class @ NWHA 2001 Championship

Reveal The Beam 2003 Gulf Coast Charity Show Reserve Champion

Lynn on Allen All Around at the Little Michigan Celebration preparing Allen for his 12 National Grand Championships
2001 -2005

Lynn on Allen All Around at the Little Michigan Celebration preparing Allen for his 12 National Grand Championships
2001 -2005

American Legend during a winning performance at the Indiana Celebration (shown by Lynn)

American Legend and Lynn
Grand Champion

Lynn on Allen All Around winning 3 Gait Grand championship at 2004 Nationals

Lynn’s Achievements


1995 – Won my first Model Championship at the International  with ”Hallelujah’s Angel Image”

1999 – Won my first Weanling International Championship with   “Heritage Invasion”

2003- 2005   – “American Legend” – I began my quest with this horse in model and   went undefeated for 3 show season with 3 National Grand Championships

2003 – “Dakota’s Gold Legend” – National Champion Model Mare

2004 – “Allen All Around” we started our quest – Lite Shod 3 gait National  Grand Champion

2005 – “American Legend” – Plantation Pleasure 2 gait National Grand Champion

2005 – “Allen All Around” – National Grand Champion in Western and English  2 and 3 gait classes

2005 – Weanling and Yearling Championships – “The Final Revelation” and   “Allen’s Morning Doll”

2006 – “Thunder Country” – Model Gelding Champion

              “Looking Black” – National Model Grand Champion

2006 – “Coin’s Twilight Zone” – National Grand Champion Plantation Pleasure   2 Gait

2006 – “Thunder Country” – National Champion 3 gait Plantation Pleasure

2005 & 2007 – “Looking Black” – National Grand Championship – 2/3 gait  (training horse that Charles Fulton owns and rides)

2007 – “What A Flirt” – Plantation 3/under Champion

2007 – “Allen All Around” – Scot and I both showed Allen in the All Around Versatility Award competition during which he won many titles including:  

              * All Around Versatility Champion

              * Lite Shod 3 gait Grand Champion

              * Model Grand Champion

              * Equitation Adult Champion

              * Lite Shod 3 gait Champion

              * Model Stallion Champion

              * Reserve Dressage – Pre-Training Level

              * Western lite shod 3 gait Reserve Champion

              * 3rd in Showmanship

              * 6th in Reining

            I love training amateur horses probably more than I like to show myself and I train lots of Country Pleasure and Trail Pleasure horses for their owners to show. I get a thrill knowing that I have trained a horse that will give their owner 100% gratification going into the ring and placing at the top of their class.

Obviously you have noticed that Allen All Around is one of my most shown horses.  I owe a lot of my experience and confidence to Allen and American Legend.  They alone taught me how to be a good consistent trainer and they have led me to where I am today. 

Each customer can take a lesson on their horse while visiting to be sure they are at the top of their game for each competition.  Again, that satisfaction of knowing that I helped this team win or place well in a class makes me really happy and being the ground trainer is not so bad either!