Book List



These four books were my reference source to start my career as a horse trainer.

  ROBERTS, Tom - “Horse Control and the Bit”

  ROBERTS, Tom – “Horse Control the Young Horse”

  ROBERTS, Tom – “Horse Control the Rider”


  ROBERTS, Tom - “Horse Control – Reminiscences”


These books are all great perspectives on mid to advanced levels of training and should be read by every rider.


Dressage in Lightness: Speaking the Horse's Language  LOCH, Sylvia - "Dressage in Lightness"


The Classical Rider: Being at One With Your Horse  LOCH, Sylvia - "The Classical Rider"


RUSSELL, Mark - "Lessons in Lightness"


KOTTAS-HELDENBERG, Arthur - "Kottas on Dressage"


KNOPFHART, Alfred - "Dressage ~ A Guidebook for the Road to Success"


  ZETTL, Walter - "Dressage in Harmony"


  KIDD, Jane – “Practical Dressage”


 GAHWYLER, Max – “The Competitive Edge I”


 GAHWYLER, Max – “The Competitive Edge II”


 GAHWYLER, Max – “The Competitive Edge III”



  BURKHARDT, Barbara - “Dressage from A to X”


  PODHAJSKY, Alois - "My Horses, My Teachers"


Balanced Riding: A Way to Find the Correct Seat  HENRIQUES, Pegotty - “Balanced Riding”


Reflections on Equestrian Art  OLIVEIRA, Nuno - "Reflections on Equestrian Art"


Riding Logic: Transform Riding Skills to "Art on Horseback" with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping  MUSELER, Wilhelm - “Riding Logic”


Fundamentals of Riding: Theory and Practice  HARRIS, Charles - “Fundamentals of Riding”


The Handbook of Riding Essentials  LEMAIRE De RUFFIEU, Francois - “The Handbook of Riding Essentials”


  Schoffmann, Britta – “Dressage School


The Ethics and Passions of Dressage  De KUNFFY, Charles - “The Ethics and Passions of Dressage”


These are books on tack and its use.


  Malm, Dr. Gerhard A “Bits and Bridles an Encyclopedia”


The Horse and the Bit  McBANE, Susan - “The Horse and the Bit”


Bits Their History Use&Misuse  TAYLOR, Louis - “Bits, Their History, Use & Misuse”


Saddlery  EDWARDS, Elwyn Hartley - “Saddlery


These are great books on the history of riding and will give the reader perspective.


Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding  LOCH, Sylvia - Dressage - "The Art of Classical Riding"


  KELLOCK, E.M. - “The Story of Riding”


DiMARCO, A. Louis - "War Horse ~ A History of the Military Horse and Rider"


  Xenophon “The Art of Horsemanship”


These books are on very solid western training, theory and perspective.


True Unity: Willing Communication Between Horse and Human  Dorrance, Tom “True Unity”


Influencing Horse Behavior  McCall, Dr. Jim - “Influencing Horse Behavior”


Riding and Schooling the Western Performance Horse  Corley, G F “Riding and Schooling the Western Performance Horse”


  Morris, Desmond Horsewatching



This is the shoeing text used at most universities.


The Principles of Horseshoeing II (2): An Illustrated Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftmanship  BUTLER, Dr. Doug - “The Principles of Horseshoeing II”


Classic books of the 1800’s are on shoeing, training and breaking horses. Interesting from a historical perspective but for the most part outdated.


Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse  Magner, Dennis “The Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse”


  Lungwitz, Anton “Horseshoeing”


  Hayes, M Horace “Illustrated Horse Training”